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50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies of consenting patients, post exposure to the renowned novel “50 Shades of Grey”




I walk into the restaurant on 3rd and Fairfax. As I pass by him sitting in his special booth, I make sure to move my hips in the right tempo, all I’ve got going is the hope that he follows me with his eyes, fixated on my ass swing.

I have noticed him a few months back, sitting there all reserved, sexy and inaccessible. The waiters always hope to get to serve him, even though he’s a man of a few words and non-communicative in a conventional way, he’s a very big tipper and a great connection to the media world, every aspiring actress’s dream in the “city of fruits and nuts”!

I have calculated this specific “luring into my web” venture over the last few months, a very precise detective work was invested in it on my end, down to the last detail of the seat I can use and its position, that will allow me full exposure, and full exhibition for his pleasure..

I’m wearing my little black dress; simplicity and class are key elements in this plan of mine.
As I pass by him, I brush “incidentally” against the magazine he’s holding up, I turn flirtatiously and softly murmur “sorry” accompanied by a sexy white smile.

It’s done, I have his attention. I feel his eyes penetrating my back, my ass, my freshly waxed legs.
I carry myself gracefully towards the seat I assigned for this encounter and sit down slowly.
I place my bag on the chair next to me and get ready for the “opening act” I have been so waiting to present him with. He’s looking right at me, “wow, I truly played my cards right” I’m thinking.
I turn my legs towards him and as I’m getting ready to cross them, I make sure he notices I left my panties in my lingerie drawer...a la Basic Instinct’s Sharon Stone!
His eyes open wide, I think he didn’t expect it….
I’m ordering a glass of red wine and sip it slowly, reading my erotic novel, feeling his penetrating eyes following every shift I make.

Will he get up and approach me? Should I make eye contact? My “plan” went only this far, I failed to think of the continuation of this scenario. “Have to get resourceful, don’t miss this golden opportunity to “do” one of the biggest, most important entities in Hollywood”...
I notice him in the corner of my eye, caressing his beard. “What is he thinking? Is he going to make a move?”

I glance at him nonchalantly, making sure I don’t seem eager or excited, but do allow myself to release a soft, recognizing smile!

“That’s it, you have to take it to next level, it’s time! Get up and do something” I push myself immensely.

He keeps sitting there, not taking his eyes of my direction but not moving or gesturing in anyway.

“Where is the restroom?”
The waiter kindly directs me. As I walk towards the door, I turn slightly to see if there’s any impact on Mr. Poker face...

I fix my dress, check my makeup and alternate the semi bangs covering my forehead. “How long am I going to wait for him here? Are 3 minutes enough?”

As I’m getting ready to exit, he shows up. Pushing the door into the unisex restroom, standing in the entrance, looking like a wild animal.

“What is this game you’re playing Ms...? Your name?”

His voice is affirmative, strong and charismatic, just as I imagined.

“Hannah…Hannah Levin” 

“So Ms. Levin, shall we leave this place together?”

We walk out quietly, as I pass my table I see the waiter clearing out my wine glass, nodding at me in a thankful expression resulting in his generous tip, compliments of Mr. big shot director.

“I live right around the corner” I mention curtly.

As we walk in the apartment, he takes off his shirt, exposing a very muscular chest and a great body, even for a man 30 year younger than him…

“So no panties for you Hannah, ha? Nice move… show me what you got!”

He pushes me over on the bed and spreads my legs wide.

“You smell phenomenal woman… “

I move in the insane rhythm his lips dictate on my clit. His tongue finds all the secret openings of my quivering pussy! He pushes his thumb up my ass; I pant and groan in excitement.

After a few sacred minutes of one of the best oral jobs I have ever experienced, he moves away and quickly gets out of his pants, exposing a very tight ass. I reach over to my toy drawer and pull out a glass dildo.

He spreads my legs wide and hovers over me like a beast. As he pushes his big cock in my aching pussy, I lick the dildo; caress his ass as its thrusting vigorously over my eager body. I take him by surprise and shove the dildo up his ass. I catch his expression, as he releases a strong moan…he likes it.

He storms over me in an even stronger drive, pushing his cock deep inside me, as if aiming to crush me under his weight, to reach deep into my womb, to take over my entire existence.

I speed up motion, he’s looking me straight in the eyes as I’m fucking his ass with all my manual strength, he seems to like it strong.

He snaps and turns me over to the side, positioning my wet holes in an accessible angle and penetrates my ass vigorously! “You like that sexy Hannah, oh God I just want to tear you apart!

His gaping hole is in my reach and I go back to fucking his ass, much to his pleasure!

He stares at me, moaning and panting, aiming to explode inside me, on me, with me…

I feel his grip strengthening, his speed intensifying, his ass closing tighter on my dildo!

“I’m going to cum right in your ass Hannah, I’m cumming”!!
He gasps in pleasure, I squirt all over his thighs as he cums inside my ass and firmly on the glass dildo…
Happy Ending!

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"And Abraham said unto Sarah his wife: 'Behold now, I know that thou art a very fair woman to look upon..." Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah

Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah: Sarah It isn’t every day that I come across extraordinary beauty and sensuality, just walking back home from work. I wasn’t in s...

50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah


It isn’t every day that I come across extraordinary beauty and sensuality, just walking back home from work.

I wasn’t in such a great mood, my boss decided to abuse my work hours once again. You think working for a woman will put you in a better position based on kinship; it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Sarah, could you come in my office please, ASAP?”
Her demeaning tone throws me off completely. In my head I’m ready to yet again, slap her right in that chunky face of hers and tell her I quit.

“How many times can I emphasize that I need a full list of next issue’s writers, on my desk, pronto?
I can’t start sending nagging emails for all of them lazy bums to make sure they send submissions, as early as yesterday, until I see the full list! Get on it, will you?”

I’m closing her door behind me, feeling sorry for myself and very lonely. I haven’t had any close relationship in quite a while, let alone a good, mind blowing orgasm.
“Note to self: stop by the adult superstore on Santa Monica and get a shiny, BIG vibrator, to make your lonely nights more palatable...”

It’s a short walk from the magazine’s headquarters to my place, so I try to avoid driving the car over, just to get my ass a much needed exercise.

As I approach the corner of La Cienaga and 3rd, I notice him. Standing peacefully at the bus station, looking so hot its mind blowing. His dark, thick hair blows gently in the evening breeze, exposing his gorgeous facial features. He leans against the wall, his shirt stretches over his long, athletic body. Every inch of him looks good enough to eat! I can’t stop staring at him, what a beautiful boy; he can’t be more then 23. He notices me in the corner of his eye, and turns around.

I feel exposed, like a school girl that just got caught giving head to her boyfriend in the restroom. I remain stiff in my place, unable to take my eyes of the young Adonis staring back at me.
He breaks the ice and releases a shy smile, exposing perfect white teeth and mad sexy dimples.
I turn away, dying of shame! What on earth am I thinking, I’m at least 15 years older than him!

I start walking in the opposite direction, beating myself up about even considering turning around, just for a minute, to see if he’s still looking.

A warm hand lands on my shoulder. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

Oh god did he really call me ma’am just now?
“I couldn’t help but noticing you from across the street, you are very beautiful”…

My mind is racing, I feel hot and aroused in the most primal way... if we were neardenthals I would have knocked him over the head and dragged him in the cave, just to have my way undisturbed!

I’m examining the beautiful shape of his full lips, the brightness of his skin, his wide shoulders and his strong hands. I’m utterly speechless, giggling like a teenager.

“Thank you, likewise... I’m Sarah by the way, sorry for not introducing myself” I feel my nipples tighten and my panties getting soaking wet, just from shaking his firm hand.

“So what do you think Sarah, can we have coffee together, tonight or tomorrow?”

I’m having an out of body experience, time stops as I run these crazy images in my head. Should I invite him over? Should I tear his clothes off and indulge in his young, incredibly passionate body?

“I live two blocks from here, I have coffee if you feel like coming over”

He follows me home, we hardly talk. I’m walking fast, exceeding his pace for some subconscious domineering reason. He catches up with me, closes my hand in his. My pussy quivers in insatiable desire. As soon as we get inside the building, he gets close and shoves me in a corner right outside my apartment door.
“I want to have you now, Sarah, I want to fuck you so bad!”

He puts his hand under my skirt and pushes my wet panties aside. His hands are covering my body; back, front, pussy, ass, neck, thighs.
He’s pulling my hair back as he lifts me in his strong arms, positioning me right on top of his fully erect cock.

“Is this what you were looking at from the other side of the street, beautiful Sarah? Did you want me to put my cock inside your wet pussy?”

I devour his sexy lips, running my fingers through his thick dark mane.

“Shut up and fuck me, push this big young cock of yours inside me and don’t stop till I cum, I want you to make me scream in pleasure sexy boy, can you do that?”

A quick key turn throws us on top of each other, on the floor of my studio apartment.

He holds me down on the floor, spreading my legs wide and start licking my clit passionately, while shoving his fingers in my eager cunt.

“I love eating you baby, do you even realize how tasty you are?”

We turn into a single sexual entity panting and groaning, his head between my legs, my hands groping my breasts, squeezing my nipples, licking my lips in sheer desire.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, I want you to squirt all over my face Sarah, can we do that?”

I’m close to exploding in a very big Orgasm, he doesn’t need to do much to get me to the point of no return. A strong feeling of wet stream fills my pelvis, a rush of tingling sensation crawls down my belly and erupts in a warm, sweet flush, in my little lover boy’s face.

He licks me dry and cuddles me.

“Can I cum on your beautiful tits Sarah, will that be OK?”

I nod and kneel in front of his huge erection, I put it in my mouth, licking my juices off his manhood.

He pants, moans and shivers. I grab his balls in my hand and gently caress them between my fingers, cradle them in my hand, licking them passionately.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum” he spreads his legs wide, positions his shaft right in my face and cums in a jet of white indulgence on my lips and engorged ,eager breasts…

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Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Coun...

Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Coun...: Rachel I get my car serviced at this greasy shop downtown. Last time I visited a few months back to get an oil change, the main guy co...

50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies of consenting patients, post exposure to the renowned novel “50 Shades of Grey”


I get my car serviced at this greasy shop downtown. Last time I visited a few months back to get an oil change, the main guy couldn’t stop staring at my ass, making different racy remarks about my body and offering me coffee and a cigarette.

I didn’t really think it over at the time, but right after the receptionist called me to set up my upcoming service ,I realized I was day dreaming about this guy, getting all wet and excited, thinking and rethinking what should I wear for my visit.

I show up 15 minutes early, he spots me from a far, tosses his cigarette and removes his jacket, as he walks towards me, flashing his large muscular arms.

“Why hello Ms. Green, what a pleasure to have you back for service. Will you take that coffee this time”?

I nod, fascinated by how I quiver by the mere sound of his voice.
“Strong and black, right”?
I’m bewildered, mumbling “what”?

“The coffee darling, the coffee” he smiles and notions me to follow him, without ever really touching me, much to my disappointment.

We get into the little kitchenette, he doesn’t remove his eyes from me, stripping me with his piercing gaze, killing me softly.

“So Ms. Green...”

“Rachel, please... “I murmur flirtatiously.

“Oh we have advanced to first names… that’s truly exciting….so what does a beautiful, sexy woman like Rachel entertains herself with, on these cold, lonely nights?”

Every remark is pushing me closer to the edge. I wish he would just make a move and stick his long tongue down my throat.

The coffee machine disturbs the insanely loud silence in the room, he grabs a cup and fills it, still looking straight at me, undressing me with his tormenting eyes. I never noticed how unbelievably sexy he is.

The door to the shop is open, I’m staring at it, trying to calculate my next move.

He notices and walks quickly to the entrance, shutting the door slightly…

“I personally enjoy the excitement of possibly being walked in on… “
He pushes me against the sink, lifting my skirt and literally tearing off my thong, sliding his fingers softly, subtly against my very wet pussy.

“I see that little Rachel is ready for me ha? That’s good baby”

I stand frozen, consumed by the exceptionally arousing sensation, running through my entire body.

He drops on his knees, spreads my lips apart and starts covering my pussy and ass hole with a cool, wet joyride that I have never experienced in my sexual life.

I’m aching in desire, passionate and eager to feel his cock splitting my pussy into million pieces...

“Ms. Green, are you enjoying this? Down here it seems like you truly are, you’re going to squirt right in my mouth today, are you ready?”

His words find the very soft spot of my sleepy G spot, I spread my legs further, and he starts pushing his fingers into my holes, opening me up like a well appreciated birthday gift.

“Oh God honey, I’m going to cum!!”

“Oh I know baby, just feel it, go with it, cover me up in your warm juices”

I’m gasping in desire, pinching my nipples through my blouse, aching as I feel the divine sensation of climax release.

“Oh beautiful…good girl… you know this is just the beginning, right?”

He drinks me clean, not a drop is left running down my thighs.

He twists me over, spreads my legs wide, as he forcefully pushes me on the counter. His trained, educated hands flap my blouse open, as he penetrates me.

I moan in awe and aching pleasure, his enormous cock pushes me further against the wall, my breasts find their way out of my blouse, bouncing rapidly, as if asking to be grabbed.

He doesn’t miss the mark, cuffs my breasts in his large hands and pinches my nipples.

“Tell me what you like Rachel, tell me how to fuck you better”

I can hardly breathe, let alone think. I indulge in the insatiably full feeling that his cock kindly provides me with, it’s so intense I feel a second orgasm crawling around the corner.

“Are you about to grant me with # 2? Oh yes baby, I like that... just take my cock, let your pussy swallow it fully, and plan to take it up your ass next!”

I can’t control myself any longer, I’m gasping and panting, welcoming my enchanting orgasm. As I cum, he kisses me passionately, and adds a wet caress on my clit, intensifying my climax.

“Where on earth did you learn these moves?” I compliment him in true admiration.

“It’s all you honey, I have been fantasizing about fucking you for 3 years now, every time you visit”...

I stare at his beautiful big eyes, as he slowly carries me off the counter, placing me on my knees.

“I have to see this gorgeous mouth closing around my big cock, I have to see you taste your luscious pussy, post my visit”.

I take his cock in, the sweet taste of my flavored lip gloss, that I “incidentally” rubbed my clit with prior to my arrival, is filling my mouth with a mix of tastes and flavors.

I’m looking up at him, trying my best to fit his large force of nature in my mouth.

“I love watching you suck my cock baby, your beautiful eyes are literally smiling while you’re stuffing yourself with it…”I realize he hasn’t cum even once, I’m challenged to have him blast in a powerful orgasm.

He moans and groans, caressing my hair, slightly pushing my head against his shaft.

“Oh god you’re good, I knew these lips were promossing! I’m not going to cum in your mouth though beautiful, I have to have you take me up your tight ass…are you almost ready?

I slowly release his cock from my mouth, obediently allowing him to place his hands on my bottom, slowly penetrating my ass with his insanely erect cock, while standing. I experience a straining sensation splitting me apart. I gasp and surrender to the feeling, caressing my clit slowly as he speeds his moves inside me.

At this point he’s ready to explode, I’m now completely comfortable on his cock, pushing my ass down more intensely on his erection and shoving my fingers in my pussy.

“Oh yes baby, finger fuck yourself some more, do your fingers feel my cock inside your ass?”

He pants and gasps, I feel my third, charmed orgasm taking over, we cum together in a pool of passionate wetness…



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GetLusty for Couples: Erotic Story: My Doctor Fantasy (NSFW)

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic Story: My Doctor Fantasy (NSFW): Who doesn't love some erotic fantasy for foreplay? We've heard from Dr. Blockman about her steamy fantasies before. We're excited to h...

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Dr. Limor : Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex C...

Dr. Limor : Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex C...: Delilah I have always had these intense fantasies about my OBGYN… he seemed strong, knowledgeable and very aware of every aspect of th...

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies

I have always had these intense fantasies about my OBGYN… he seemed strong, knowledgeable and very aware of every aspect of the female anatomy, which in itself intrigued and titillated me immensely.
Every time I would make an appointment, I would get a little wet and excited, knowing that this is going to take place soon...again.
I arrive at his clinic 15 minutes early, his kind assistant takes my insurance card and asks me to wait.
Anticipation can be a very strong aphrodisiac, and I immerse in it completely.
This time he came out, escorting his last patient. He shakes her hand firmly and while at it, glances at me, sitting all ready and flushed in his waiting room.
He comes towards me, and walks me over to the room, his hand resting on my back.
“How have you been Delilah? Great to see you, this is a routine checkup I’m guessing?”
I was so excited, it’s hard for me to speak, so I just nod for approval.
The thought of his firm, sensually invasive hands inside my wet hole, get me lightheaded and blurry eyed.
“I’ll leave you to get undressed and get Mary to join us, OK dear?”
Oh fuck, I didn’t count on Mary being here, but he never examines me or any other patient without her presence, so I guess I’ll deal with it.
Mary comes in the room first, opens the screen separating me from his sitting area and offers to help me with my robe.
“You look so pretty today De, did you change your hair or something?” Mary looked awfully cheerful and happy, I almost felt invaded by her.
“I got a new hair color and cut it a bit, glad you like it honey”.
“Now lie back beautiful, the Doc will be with you in a minute, OK? Try to relax!” She straightens my robe and slides her hand over my pussy, in a casual way…
“Oh god, could this be happening? Is she aware of my intense lust for the sexy Doctor and “wants in” on it?
I could feel myself getting wetter and more excited, when his voice stops my colorful imagination mid-way.
“Ready or not, here I come”...
He opens the screen and stands in front of me, carefully placing my legs in the chair, pulling my waist down further. “Are you comfortable dear? You need to be, I’m just here to make you feel better...”
He lifts my robe, my extremely open, throbbing wet hole, is exposed to him.
“Can I take a closer look, you seem to be a little inflamed there… Does that hurt?” he asks as he slowly closes his index finger and thumb on my clit.
I burst into million pieces “This is it, it’s really happening, I’m going to finally get to feel his most craved cock inside me”, I’m thinking, hoping my thoughts are not verbalized involuntarily...
I gasp and spread my legs even wider, inviting him in with a twist of a motion.
He lowers his chair in front of my open hole, pulls in, and buries his face in my wetness.
His luscious lips, his generous tongue, his long fingers, drive me insane, and I’m about to explode in agonizing pleasure.
Mary peeks in, I’m so hot and excited, I don’t even pay attention.
“Allow me to take over, would you Doctor?”
She rubs his shoulders and takes his place in front of me, licking my clit with an enthusiasm of a child in a candy store.
The Doctor moves over closer, kisses me passionately and opens his pants slowly, exposing a beautiful huge cock that looks enormous, from that specific angle.
“Suck it hard Delilah, I have been fantasizing about you and your sexy mouth, ever since you showed up here first”…

I’m opening my mouth wide, closing my hands on his shaft, sucking his pre ejaculatory juices and caressing his scrotum. He sighs and gasps with excitement, growing in my hands and mouth, shoving his head way back down my throat. My gag reflex kicks in, but I fight it and keep going, swallowing his huge cock, loving every minute of it.
He caresses my breasts and pushes Mary’s head down my pussy, rubbing my clit with his fingers and ordering Mary to attend my ass.
“Oh, what a pretty ass hole you have De, let me lick it ready for the Doctor, we want to get you all lubricated and ready for this enormous gift you’re about to take up your ass”…
I’m going into a pre orgasmic mode, almost cumming right there, as she pulls out of my pussy and clit and start penetrating my ass with her fingers. I’m heated and excited, but managing to curb my orgasm, as long as my clit is left unattended for the moment.
Her fingers open me up, so softly and carefully, I can tell I’m not the first “lucky winner” of this prize… who knows how many dedicated patients are they gang banging together…
The Doc pulls his firm erection, slowly out of my eager mouth. I stare at him, mesmerized and excited like never before.
“And now, get ready for the real show my darling De, I promise to be gentle…”
He pulls my ass further down the chair, so that I’m hanging in the air, with my legs still in the holders, spread wide open, to his comfort.
Mary moves over, kisses me lusciously and starts caressing my engorged nipples, my wet quivering hole and my swollen clit.
He slowly penetrates my tight asshole, I ache in pleasurable pain, releasing a soft moan that gets him even more excited.
“You like it sexy De? You like my huge cock in your petite ass hole? Oh god I know I do” …
He starts speeding his motion, pushing his erection deeper and deeper into up my ass.
Mary works intensely on my clit, pushing her fingers into my pussy to level the Doctor’s intense motion.
I’m gasping and panting, spreading my legs even further.  A strong sensation takes over me, I’m about to squirt intensely. “I’m cumming, oh god Doc, I’m cumming” I whisper.
“Yes De, cum for me darling, take me all in and cum, I’m just about to cum in your ass”!
I squirt a shower of warmth, wetting Mary’s hands and upper body.
“Oh you’re so good, you’re just as responsive as I imagined, beautiful” she murmurs.
The Doc releases a moan and a splash of cum goes through me like a jet.
He pulls out and rushes over to my mouth. I swallow his warm cock covered in my taste, as Mary licks my ass and pussy to finish…

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You can leave your (HARD)hat on...Bring it on boys;)

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic Story! 50 Shades-Inspired Fantasy for Forep...: Though Shades of Grey September is long over, we're still fantasizing. And what better time than a Sunday to read erotic stories for forep...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic Story! 50-Shades of the Unexpected Orgasm

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic Story! 50-Shades of the Unexpected Orgasm: We first came upon Dr. Limor on accident and have been so glad we did. The second in her series of erotic stories (check out her first 5...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dr. Limor : Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- Rebecca...

Dr. Limor : Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- Rebecca...: Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies:Consenting patients share desires, post ...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- Rebecca

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies:Consenting patients share desires, post exposure to the renowned novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

I have been living in my apartment for two years now, but for some reason, even in this new, beautiful building, the construction never end.
The one thing I never really found aversive, to say the least, is the sexy presence of the construction workers. Something about a strong man in a hard hat always titillates me...
I get in the elevator with Joe, Mark and Jason. They’re all dressed in their heavy gear, greeting me as I nod my head, smile and stand in front of them.
I have fantasized about each and every one of them so many times, it almost feels like they can read my mind. I’m wearing my low-cut, back revealing blouse, so I’m thinking: "my semi nudity will excite them, sans exposing my extreme arousal"... as I brush against Joe’s arm ,entering the elevator.
They gentlemanly allow me to exit first, I drop one side of my blouse and reveal a tanned shoulder, Mark sighs, just enough for me to hear it…
As I walk in the garage, my panties are already drenched. I’m checking my watch: I have an hour to get to work. I have a choice of a quick pleasuring session in my car, or a relaxing cup of coffee, but after this elevator ride, the choice is clear.
I’m getting in my car, lowering my sit to get comfortable and checking the garage. “Good I’m all alone”…tinting my windows was probably my best gift this year, given the fact that these guys have been keeping me so hot and bothered lately.
I pull my little pink rabbit out of the glove compartment and pull down my jeans.
I’m so wet, I don’t even need to lubricate my throbbing hole. The rabbit slides in smoothly and closes tightly on my engorged clit. I choose my favorite elevator fantasy to get myself going:

“I enter the elevator as I did this morning, the three Gods of sexual healing are standing there, flashing their hot, muscular arms and sweaty chests. Mark reaches over and turns a key, the elevator stops between floors.
My favorite, Joe, runs his rugged hand down my shivering back, coming closer and kissing my neck. “You know where this is going baby, don’t you?” he whispers in my ear.
My nipples are about to tear my blouse, my heart races as I nod, breathless…
Jason pushes over and stands in front of me, slipping his hands under my blouse, grabbing my breasts and pinching my eager nipples.
"Oh honey, I think you’re ready for us, right? Just relax sweetheart, we’ll take good care of you”
He promises, as he unzips my jeans, not taking his eyes of mine.
Joe starts peeling my blouse, exposing and caressing my breasts.
Mark is smiling as he pulls out a very large erection ,and starts caressing his shaft
“You are even hotter than we imagined darling” he compliments me and speeds his thrust.
Jason gets down on his knees and pushes my soaked thong aside. “Look at this beautiful, wet hole, how excited are you now honey?” he is shoving two fingers into my quivering vagina, I’m so turned on, I just want to scream and beg him to fuck me.
He plays with my swollen clit, pushing his fingers in and out of me, then peels my panties off and starts lavishly licking my wetness. His stubbly, semi bearded face, is soaked in my juices, he seems to enjoy it immensely, but not nearly as much as I do.
I’m just about to cum, as Joe decides to torture me and stops eating my pussy.
I’m staring at him, like a child that lost her favorite doll.
“Don’t worry princess, it’s better to extend your pleasure, you really think we’ll leave you hanging?”
Mark and Jason place me comfortably on the elevator floor, and rotate positions. Now mark is in charge of my clitoral pleasure. He’s doing a very good job.
Jason and Joe get down on their knees, placing their enormous erections close to my eager mouth. “Oh God boys, I can’t wait to swallow both of you, I have been fantasizing about tasting you for so long”… Joe is super excited, thrusting his shaft fast. I grab both in my hands and start rotating them in my mouth, occasionally fitting both of them together, to the best of my capacity.
My mouth is small and they find it thrilling, watching me struggle with their large erections.”
I’m shoving my rabbit harder in my hole, pulling its power all the way to the top. I’m just about to cum wildly, as an alarming knock on the tinted window, throws me off my upcoming, well anticipated ,orgasm.
It’s him, it’s Joe… turns out he has been watching me for a while, now what?
I pull out my wet rabbit and place it under my seat. I pull down my blouse and crack open the window, looking all flushed and breathing heavily.
“Hi Joe, what’s up?”  A part of me hoping to make this go away, while another is craving his beautiful big cock inside me.
“Oh honey, you know we’re way past pleasantries, right? come out of the car, we’re alone here…”
I must be crazy, I do as he orders. We’re standing very close, our bodies almost touch. I can smell his sweet aftershave.
“I know you want me baby, and you definitely know you make my cock hard ,every time you swing by with that delicious, sexy body , so what do you say, forget masturbating in the car and let me fuck you senseless?”
Oh well, now that he put it so subtly, I nod positively, whispering “please fuck me” in his ear.
“Get down on your knees sugar, I’m going to fuck your mouth”!
I oblige quickly, this only makes me more excited! I have been robbed out of my “almost climax” twice now, but this agonizing anticipation is glorious to me…
He pulls his big erection out of his pants, I place it firmly in my small hands and start licking his throbbing head, placing it in my mouth, on my lips, playing it with my tongue while caressing his scrotum. He gasps in pleasure, I feel him growing in my hands. I start eating him, pushing his huge head deep inside my mouth and throat.
“Oh baby, you’re so good, take me all the way in, don’t stop!!”
I play with him, pulling him out and then quickly placing him back in the moist warmth of my mouth, consuming him almost completely. “I would love to cum in your mouth honey, but I know I stopped you mid pleasure, so I’ll be fair”.

I keep shoving his erection in my mouth until he forces me to stop. He grabs my charged body, peels down my jeans and throws me on the hood of the car.
“Let me devour this beautiful pussy of yours”…
He starts pleasuring me, his tongue going up and down my swollen lips, enveloping my clit.
His hands find my breasts, pinch my nipples and caress my entire flushed body.
I can’t stand it anymore, I need to feel him inside me.
“Are you ready for me baby?” his strong arms turn me around swiftly. He positions me on the hood, shoving his fingers in my extremely wet hole, opening me up some more, with a wet finger in my anus.
I gasp with anticipation as he cleaves my quivering pussy with his enormous cock.
“Fuck me baby, oh god, I’ve been craving this for so long” I scream.
“Take it honey, take my 10 inches all the way, that’s right, just sate in it gorgeous”…
We cum together, wet fluids cover our thighs. He picks me up, kisses me passionately and places me slowly on my feet, I’m floating…


Monday, October 8, 2012

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic! A 50 Shades-Inspired Story for Foreplay

GetLusty for Couples: Erotic! A 50 Shades-Inspired Story for Foreplay: Even though Fifty Shades of Grey September is over and Orgasm October has taken reign, who says we still can't be inspired by some Fifty...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- Danielle


Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies
Consenting patients share desires, post exposure to the renowned novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey”


A friend of mine told me about a well-established  producer holding auditions in his house…I have been an aspiring actress since high school ,so naturally this opportunity seemed just right for me.
For the sake of disclosure, I DO realize that given the auditions taking place at his house, it probably has to do with more than reading lines but…
the GPS takes me to his address, I check my makeup in the mirror and tell myself “You’ll ace it, this is nothing, walk in the park”.
As I approach the front gate, I hear sounds from the back yard. The voyeur in me can’t help it and I’m forced to sneak quietly and take a peek.
I lean against the wall to avoid being seen and can’t believe my eyes:  four very sexy women, two are blond, one brunette and one black, are playing insane sexual pleasuring games together.
The two blondes have the brunette wide open on the floor next to the pool; they’re caressing her large breasts, licking her nipples and alternately massaging her wet vagina that looks engorged and sensitive. The left blond shifts her lips, kisses the brunette passionately, and signals her” accomplice” to take charge of the brunette’s upper body ,as she slowly crawls down ,intensely licking her bottom lips, pushing her fingers in her quivering vagina and anus. The brunette growls and moans uncontrollably, as team blond keeps pleasuring her curvaceous body.
After a while, bottom blond jumps up and quickly walks toward the cabana. The black girl is playing with a large vibrator, pushing it in hard into her vagina while glaring at the playing trio. She appears blurry eyed and very close to an orgasm, as she rubs her nipples and moans.
I’m so turned on and soaking wet at this point, that I sit myself down on the ground, taking off my thong and start playing with my clit, I can’t control it!I’m totally heterosexual, but this female on female act is driving me off the wall, and I just want to be taken by these women.
Dominant blond returns with a huge butt plug.The brunette raises her body, kissing both women and gets on all fours ,spreading her sizzling thighs apart.
The blondes are kissing, checking the wetness of their play object down on the floor, and spray the plug with what seems like a scented oil lubricant. Dominant blonde starts pushing the plug into the brunette’s tight anus ,as her partner caresses her clit, to ease penetration. The brunette squirms in agonizing pleasure, shifting her behind back towards the enormous plug splitting her ass apart. The black woman, loving the new act notes “oh yes, fuck her tight ass, please fuck her hard” she finishes with a glorious orgasm.
The brunette is more comfortable and wide now, craving that big dildo, as team blonde speeds up penetration.
I lie on the dirt, grabbing my nipple and caressing my swollen clit till I can’t take it! I’m just about to cum, as I notice them shooting the plug out of the brunette’s tight hole. Her ass is gaping with anticipation as they admire it and lick it for the finale’. This visual sends me over the edge and I cum, gasping quietly, holding my immense need to scream in pleasure.
I lie paralyzed in a sweet pool of my own secretions, I miss the final act and just listen as team blonde has the brunette climax intensely!
Minutes pass, the party takes it in the house and I’m forced to peel myself of the ground and clean up. “What the hell am I doing?? I forgot all about the interview and just about anything else I had planned for the day”. I check my phone, no missed calls. I guess I’m not that late if no one called.
I put my panties in my bag, my short dress tightens over my sweaty body ,my nipples threaten to tear it off.
Ten minutes later, after a short stop in my car to reapply moisturizer and lipstick, I notice the black girl and the brunette leaving together, giggling. I lower myself in my seat, they don’t notice me.
I wait for them to leave and march confidently towards the front door. A few minutes pass, I’m almost ready to leave, as the dominant blonde opens the door in a small white towel.
“Hi honey, are you here for the audition? Come in, don’t be shy” . She takes my hand and welcomes me in the house.
“Yes…is George home? I think our meeting was scheduled for 4:00 pm” I answer.
“Yes, I’m sure he’ll be here soon, come sit down on the sofa, let me get you some water, you look flushed, are you ok?” she puts her cool hand on my face, I feel my nipples erect again.
I sit down crossing my legs. When she comes back with a glass of water, she notices my bare bottom under the dress. Her eyes open wide and she smiles.
“Here beautiful, let me get my friend, we work closely with George, we can talk about the scenes you’re auditioning for, until he gets here, ok?”
She leaves the room and comes back with blonde # 2 that shakes my hand and sits beside me.
“You know it’s a sensual, nude scene ,right? “ Dominant blonde asks.
I nod as they corner me on opposite sides.
“Do you mind if we examine your figure? Only if you’re comfortable, it can simply shorten procedure, as George is looking for a very specific body type” she explains.
I agree and get up. “So, what now? Should I just take off my dress?” I ask.
“Sure, whenever you’re ready honey”.
I stand before my blonde audience, lift my dress over my head, wearing only my high heels.
“Oh wow honey, you’re hot, that’s great, don’t you think baby?” dominant blonde looks at her accomplice, while caressing her face.
I feel exposed and uncomfortable ,but so shockingly aroused.
“You look very swollen, can I look sweetheart?” dominant blonde asks and pulls me closer to the sofa. Her hand opens my bottom lips, I release an uncontrollable moan.
“Sit on the sofa baby, let us help you” team blonde is slowly positioning me on the sofa and spreads my legs wide apart. “What beautiful holes you have honey, do you mind if we pleasure you? You’ll like it, I promise”.
I’m nailed to my seat, breathing heavily as they start caressing my entire body, pushing their finger in me and pinching my nipples.
It feels like an out of body experience, I’m gazing at myself being pleasured by these women and craving every minute of it…I can’t believe I’m so turned on ,minutes after cumming.
Blonde # 2 leaves the room for a minute and returns with two double sided dildos.
“You know what we’ll do now baby? We’ll double penetrate you, you’ll love it… don’t worry, we’ll use plenty of lube, and you do seem quite gaped…did you just get fucked before coming here?”
The mere sound of her dirty talk ravishes me, I’m speechless and charged like never before.
Dominant blond positions me between them, lying on my side like a blow up doll.
Blond #2 pushes one side of the dildo into her vagina and the other side into mine, I pant with excitement and anticipation. I can’t see dominant blond behind me, but hear her releasing a groan, penetrating her anus. I can’t wait for them to start abusing my aching body, as I feel a rush of splitting, pleasuring pain, anally tearing me apart. They both start moving inside me, moaning, grabbing my clit and my nipples, kissing my neck and eager lips. “Oh god, you’re torturing me“ I scream in the heat of passion. They speed up, fucking my holes until I’m ready to explode.
” I’m cummimg, I’m cumming” I whisper, exhausted and exploited in this immense wonder of pain and pleasure. As I cum, I rub my clit.A splash of hot clear squirt comes flying out of me, covering my entire body with a warm captivating sensation…

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies :Consenting patients share desires, post exposure to the renowned novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

We set to meet in the corner of Columbus and Broadway, it’s a fairly close walk from my apartment and I get to make my “entrĂ©e”, just like I fantasized so many times before. He agrees to everything I suggest on our pre first meeting phone call, he’s so eager to finally get to pleasure my charged and oh so panting body ,that just about anything goes. This man has been hunting my mind for 3 months now, our distance and the fact that we are both in a committing relationships, created an insane communication that swiftly escaladed into hours of long distance mutual masturbation, any time of the day, any location at any risk taken… we came together eagerly, and I allowed him to invade my body in all possible ways, loving every minute of it.
I’m hot and bothered, day dreaming about his first firm touch...
I think I’m going to have to cum as soon as he lays his hand on me, holding this intense sensation for so long. I approach the corner of the streets, examining my tight braless top and tiny shorts. Can they tell that I’m not wearing any underwear?
I feel as if I leave a spray of raw sexuality that follows my body, three construction workers and one mailman complimented me… I just smiled.
In my head I had already given in to each and every one of them, touching their sweaty bodies and begging them to fuck me hard.
 I notice the car he told me to look for, parked in the corner. He notices me approaching and quickly steps out of the car, rushing to welcome me into his arms.
I’m so unbelievably turned on, I feel my tight shorts getting wet as I hug him. “You’re much more beautiful than I ever imagined” he says.
 I blush and whisper “you’re very handsome yourself”, trying hard not to fall apart right there and then, before I even reach the passenger seat.
We settle in the car but he’s not moving, he’s staring at me. My inner beast yells “take me now, right here, just tear these clothes off and penetrate me” but I keep silent, breathing in every moment of this incredible tingling sensation between my legs.
“I can’t believe you’re here, finally, this is real. Can we drive”? He asks. I nod and he starts the car.
A few turns to it, I start getting comfortable in my seat, spreading my legs apart, signaling him that he can start now, just like we planned. He gasps in satisfaction and sends a gentle, sturdy hand over between my legs. A long drop of sensual secretion is running down my thigh, soaking my seat, as he pushes his fingers and starts caressing my swollen clit. I’m sighing with pleasure, I can’t contain it!
 A few precious seconds after, I cum for the first time, by his glorious touch. The ride is almost over, I see the bulging erection in his pants, aiming to devour my very being.
We check in quickly and get in the elevator. We’re alone but I’m not sure if we should touch each other just yet. He turns to me and gently rubs his fingers on my lips, pushing them apart. “Taste how good you are, its heaven”.
The salty/ sweet taste of his fingers covered in my quivering desire, throws me so far I just want him to take me on the spot. When we get in the room, I push him on the wide bed, order him to lie there and keep his eyes on me. He obeys and lies on his side, starting to unzip his jeans.
I take a chair from the breakfast nook positioned in the corner of the suite and lean on it, staring at him. I start peeling my top slowly, exposing my breasts, touching and pinching my nipples, as he looks at me with awe.
“Do you like what you see”? I tease him softly. “Oh baby, you’re smoking hot! Please don’t stop”.
He pulls a beautiful erection out of his underwear and starts caressing his shaft, slowly growing harder.
I start taking off my small shorts, exposing my very wet lips. He sighs and speeds up his caress on his enormous erection.
 “You have no idea what I’m going to do to you, baby… please show me how you make yourself cum”! 
I gladly oblige, positioning the chair ,spreading my legs in front of him, and start caressing my wet hole. Looking at him masturbate, gets me so excited, I cum within minutes.
 “Can I come closer, can I touch you, beautiful?” he asks. I’m breathless, nodding my head for approval. He comes closer and buries his face in my wetness, slowly closing his soft lips on my clit, pushing his fingers inside me. My skin turns red, my nipples harden, I can’t take this much longer and he knows it. His tongue circles my clit so intensely, so right, I just know he has done it so many times before…
 “If you want me, you’re going to have to ask” he whispers and quickly returns to pleasure me.
“Please please baby, I can’t take this any longer, I need you inside me...” I plead.
He caresses my breasts, gently shifting his wet lips to my nipples, and starts biting one, while carefully massaging the other.
“What do you want me to do to you baby? Tell me... do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to fuck you hard and cum all over you”?
 I shiver and ache in pleasure “yes, please fuck me, now please”.
He lifts me and sits on the bed, slowly positioning me comfortably on his exploding erection.
I gasp as he fills me, his generous size is almost hard to bear. My overwhelmed look excites him, as he starts pushing my thighs back and forth, closing his warm hands on my erect nipples
“oh baby, you’re so big, I love it”!
He kisses my lips and firms his hold on my body.
A thrill of agonizing pleasure splits through me, as if I’m about to explode. We’re both sated and drenched in desire. I feel he’s expanding inside me even more, I’m about to cum for the third time. “You’re going to cum for me baby? Can we cum together?”
I shake my head as he straddles my legs around him, gets up and carries me over to the mirror. “Look how amazing we are together, your body is just made to be fucked”!
I feel a titillating sensation climbing up my belly button.
“Are you ready”? He looks me straight in the eyes as a warm splash runs straight through me, filling my incontrollable orgasm with an added sting…