Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies :Consenting patients share desires, post exposure to the renowned novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

We set to meet in the corner of Columbus and Broadway, it’s a fairly close walk from my apartment and I get to make my “entrée”, just like I fantasized so many times before. He agrees to everything I suggest on our pre first meeting phone call, he’s so eager to finally get to pleasure my charged and oh so panting body ,that just about anything goes. This man has been hunting my mind for 3 months now, our distance and the fact that we are both in a committing relationships, created an insane communication that swiftly escaladed into hours of long distance mutual masturbation, any time of the day, any location at any risk taken… we came together eagerly, and I allowed him to invade my body in all possible ways, loving every minute of it.
I’m hot and bothered, day dreaming about his first firm touch...
I think I’m going to have to cum as soon as he lays his hand on me, holding this intense sensation for so long. I approach the corner of the streets, examining my tight braless top and tiny shorts. Can they tell that I’m not wearing any underwear?
I feel as if I leave a spray of raw sexuality that follows my body, three construction workers and one mailman complimented me… I just smiled.
In my head I had already given in to each and every one of them, touching their sweaty bodies and begging them to fuck me hard.
 I notice the car he told me to look for, parked in the corner. He notices me approaching and quickly steps out of the car, rushing to welcome me into his arms.
I’m so unbelievably turned on, I feel my tight shorts getting wet as I hug him. “You’re much more beautiful than I ever imagined” he says.
 I blush and whisper “you’re very handsome yourself”, trying hard not to fall apart right there and then, before I even reach the passenger seat.
We settle in the car but he’s not moving, he’s staring at me. My inner beast yells “take me now, right here, just tear these clothes off and penetrate me” but I keep silent, breathing in every moment of this incredible tingling sensation between my legs.
“I can’t believe you’re here, finally, this is real. Can we drive”? He asks. I nod and he starts the car.
A few turns to it, I start getting comfortable in my seat, spreading my legs apart, signaling him that he can start now, just like we planned. He gasps in satisfaction and sends a gentle, sturdy hand over between my legs. A long drop of sensual secretion is running down my thigh, soaking my seat, as he pushes his fingers and starts caressing my swollen clit. I’m sighing with pleasure, I can’t contain it!
 A few precious seconds after, I cum for the first time, by his glorious touch. The ride is almost over, I see the bulging erection in his pants, aiming to devour my very being.
We check in quickly and get in the elevator. We’re alone but I’m not sure if we should touch each other just yet. He turns to me and gently rubs his fingers on my lips, pushing them apart. “Taste how good you are, its heaven”.
The salty/ sweet taste of his fingers covered in my quivering desire, throws me so far I just want him to take me on the spot. When we get in the room, I push him on the wide bed, order him to lie there and keep his eyes on me. He obeys and lies on his side, starting to unzip his jeans.
I take a chair from the breakfast nook positioned in the corner of the suite and lean on it, staring at him. I start peeling my top slowly, exposing my breasts, touching and pinching my nipples, as he looks at me with awe.
“Do you like what you see”? I tease him softly. “Oh baby, you’re smoking hot! Please don’t stop”.
He pulls a beautiful erection out of his underwear and starts caressing his shaft, slowly growing harder.
I start taking off my small shorts, exposing my very wet lips. He sighs and speeds up his caress on his enormous erection.
 “You have no idea what I’m going to do to you, baby… please show me how you make yourself cum”! 
I gladly oblige, positioning the chair ,spreading my legs in front of him, and start caressing my wet hole. Looking at him masturbate, gets me so excited, I cum within minutes.
 “Can I come closer, can I touch you, beautiful?” he asks. I’m breathless, nodding my head for approval. He comes closer and buries his face in my wetness, slowly closing his soft lips on my clit, pushing his fingers inside me. My skin turns red, my nipples harden, I can’t take this much longer and he knows it. His tongue circles my clit so intensely, so right, I just know he has done it so many times before…
 “If you want me, you’re going to have to ask” he whispers and quickly returns to pleasure me.
“Please please baby, I can’t take this any longer, I need you inside me...” I plead.
He caresses my breasts, gently shifting his wet lips to my nipples, and starts biting one, while carefully massaging the other.
“What do you want me to do to you baby? Tell me... do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to fuck you hard and cum all over you”?
 I shiver and ache in pleasure “yes, please fuck me, now please”.
He lifts me and sits on the bed, slowly positioning me comfortably on his exploding erection.
I gasp as he fills me, his generous size is almost hard to bear. My overwhelmed look excites him, as he starts pushing my thighs back and forth, closing his warm hands on my erect nipples
“oh baby, you’re so big, I love it”!
He kisses my lips and firms his hold on my body.
A thrill of agonizing pleasure splits through me, as if I’m about to explode. We’re both sated and drenched in desire. I feel he’s expanding inside me even more, I’m about to cum for the third time. “You’re going to cum for me baby? Can we cum together?”
I shake my head as he straddles my legs around him, gets up and carries me over to the mirror. “Look how amazing we are together, your body is just made to be fucked”!
I feel a titillating sensation climbing up my belly button.
“Are you ready”? He looks me straight in the eyes as a warm splash runs straight through me, filling my incontrollable orgasm with an added sting…

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