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50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies of consenting patients, post exposure to the renowned novel “50 Shades of Grey”




I walk into the restaurant on 3rd and Fairfax. As I pass by him sitting in his special booth, I make sure to move my hips in the right tempo, all I’ve got going is the hope that he follows me with his eyes, fixated on my ass swing.

I have noticed him a few months back, sitting there all reserved, sexy and inaccessible. The waiters always hope to get to serve him, even though he’s a man of a few words and non-communicative in a conventional way, he’s a very big tipper and a great connection to the media world, every aspiring actress’s dream in the “city of fruits and nuts”!

I have calculated this specific “luring into my web” venture over the last few months, a very precise detective work was invested in it on my end, down to the last detail of the seat I can use and its position, that will allow me full exposure, and full exhibition for his pleasure..

I’m wearing my little black dress; simplicity and class are key elements in this plan of mine.
As I pass by him, I brush “incidentally” against the magazine he’s holding up, I turn flirtatiously and softly murmur “sorry” accompanied by a sexy white smile.

It’s done, I have his attention. I feel his eyes penetrating my back, my ass, my freshly waxed legs.
I carry myself gracefully towards the seat I assigned for this encounter and sit down slowly.
I place my bag on the chair next to me and get ready for the “opening act” I have been so waiting to present him with. He’s looking right at me, “wow, I truly played my cards right” I’m thinking.
I turn my legs towards him and as I’m getting ready to cross them, I make sure he notices I left my panties in my lingerie drawer...a la Basic Instinct’s Sharon Stone!
His eyes open wide, I think he didn’t expect it….
I’m ordering a glass of red wine and sip it slowly, reading my erotic novel, feeling his penetrating eyes following every shift I make.

Will he get up and approach me? Should I make eye contact? My “plan” went only this far, I failed to think of the continuation of this scenario. “Have to get resourceful, don’t miss this golden opportunity to “do” one of the biggest, most important entities in Hollywood”...
I notice him in the corner of my eye, caressing his beard. “What is he thinking? Is he going to make a move?”

I glance at him nonchalantly, making sure I don’t seem eager or excited, but do allow myself to release a soft, recognizing smile!

“That’s it, you have to take it to next level, it’s time! Get up and do something” I push myself immensely.

He keeps sitting there, not taking his eyes of my direction but not moving or gesturing in anyway.

“Where is the restroom?”
The waiter kindly directs me. As I walk towards the door, I turn slightly to see if there’s any impact on Mr. Poker face...

I fix my dress, check my makeup and alternate the semi bangs covering my forehead. “How long am I going to wait for him here? Are 3 minutes enough?”

As I’m getting ready to exit, he shows up. Pushing the door into the unisex restroom, standing in the entrance, looking like a wild animal.

“What is this game you’re playing Ms...? Your name?”

His voice is affirmative, strong and charismatic, just as I imagined.

“Hannah…Hannah Levin” 

“So Ms. Levin, shall we leave this place together?”

We walk out quietly, as I pass my table I see the waiter clearing out my wine glass, nodding at me in a thankful expression resulting in his generous tip, compliments of Mr. big shot director.

“I live right around the corner” I mention curtly.

As we walk in the apartment, he takes off his shirt, exposing a very muscular chest and a great body, even for a man 30 year younger than him…

“So no panties for you Hannah, ha? Nice move… show me what you got!”

He pushes me over on the bed and spreads my legs wide.

“You smell phenomenal woman… “

I move in the insane rhythm his lips dictate on my clit. His tongue finds all the secret openings of my quivering pussy! He pushes his thumb up my ass; I pant and groan in excitement.

After a few sacred minutes of one of the best oral jobs I have ever experienced, he moves away and quickly gets out of his pants, exposing a very tight ass. I reach over to my toy drawer and pull out a glass dildo.

He spreads my legs wide and hovers over me like a beast. As he pushes his big cock in my aching pussy, I lick the dildo; caress his ass as its thrusting vigorously over my eager body. I take him by surprise and shove the dildo up his ass. I catch his expression, as he releases a strong moan…he likes it.

He storms over me in an even stronger drive, pushing his cock deep inside me, as if aiming to crush me under his weight, to reach deep into my womb, to take over my entire existence.

I speed up motion, he’s looking me straight in the eyes as I’m fucking his ass with all my manual strength, he seems to like it strong.

He snaps and turns me over to the side, positioning my wet holes in an accessible angle and penetrates my ass vigorously! “You like that sexy Hannah, oh God I just want to tear you apart!

His gaping hole is in my reach and I go back to fucking his ass, much to his pleasure!

He stares at me, moaning and panting, aiming to explode inside me, on me, with me…

I feel his grip strengthening, his speed intensifying, his ass closing tighter on my dildo!

“I’m going to cum right in your ass Hannah, I’m cumming”!!
He gasps in pleasure, I squirt all over his thighs as he cums inside my ass and firmly on the glass dildo…
Happy Ending!

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"And Abraham said unto Sarah his wife: 'Behold now, I know that thou art a very fair woman to look upon..." Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah

Dr. Limor : 50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah: Sarah It isn’t every day that I come across extraordinary beauty and sensuality, just walking back home from work. I wasn’t in s...

50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- Sarah


It isn’t every day that I come across extraordinary beauty and sensuality, just walking back home from work.

I wasn’t in such a great mood, my boss decided to abuse my work hours once again. You think working for a woman will put you in a better position based on kinship; it couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Sarah, could you come in my office please, ASAP?”
Her demeaning tone throws me off completely. In my head I’m ready to yet again, slap her right in that chunky face of hers and tell her I quit.

“How many times can I emphasize that I need a full list of next issue’s writers, on my desk, pronto?
I can’t start sending nagging emails for all of them lazy bums to make sure they send submissions, as early as yesterday, until I see the full list! Get on it, will you?”

I’m closing her door behind me, feeling sorry for myself and very lonely. I haven’t had any close relationship in quite a while, let alone a good, mind blowing orgasm.
“Note to self: stop by the adult superstore on Santa Monica and get a shiny, BIG vibrator, to make your lonely nights more palatable...”

It’s a short walk from the magazine’s headquarters to my place, so I try to avoid driving the car over, just to get my ass a much needed exercise.

As I approach the corner of La Cienaga and 3rd, I notice him. Standing peacefully at the bus station, looking so hot its mind blowing. His dark, thick hair blows gently in the evening breeze, exposing his gorgeous facial features. He leans against the wall, his shirt stretches over his long, athletic body. Every inch of him looks good enough to eat! I can’t stop staring at him, what a beautiful boy; he can’t be more then 23. He notices me in the corner of his eye, and turns around.

I feel exposed, like a school girl that just got caught giving head to her boyfriend in the restroom. I remain stiff in my place, unable to take my eyes of the young Adonis staring back at me.
He breaks the ice and releases a shy smile, exposing perfect white teeth and mad sexy dimples.
I turn away, dying of shame! What on earth am I thinking, I’m at least 15 years older than him!

I start walking in the opposite direction, beating myself up about even considering turning around, just for a minute, to see if he’s still looking.

A warm hand lands on my shoulder. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

Oh god did he really call me ma’am just now?
“I couldn’t help but noticing you from across the street, you are very beautiful”…

My mind is racing, I feel hot and aroused in the most primal way... if we were neardenthals I would have knocked him over the head and dragged him in the cave, just to have my way undisturbed!

I’m examining the beautiful shape of his full lips, the brightness of his skin, his wide shoulders and his strong hands. I’m utterly speechless, giggling like a teenager.

“Thank you, likewise... I’m Sarah by the way, sorry for not introducing myself” I feel my nipples tighten and my panties getting soaking wet, just from shaking his firm hand.

“So what do you think Sarah, can we have coffee together, tonight or tomorrow?”

I’m having an out of body experience, time stops as I run these crazy images in my head. Should I invite him over? Should I tear his clothes off and indulge in his young, incredibly passionate body?

“I live two blocks from here, I have coffee if you feel like coming over”

He follows me home, we hardly talk. I’m walking fast, exceeding his pace for some subconscious domineering reason. He catches up with me, closes my hand in his. My pussy quivers in insatiable desire. As soon as we get inside the building, he gets close and shoves me in a corner right outside my apartment door.
“I want to have you now, Sarah, I want to fuck you so bad!”

He puts his hand under my skirt and pushes my wet panties aside. His hands are covering my body; back, front, pussy, ass, neck, thighs.
He’s pulling my hair back as he lifts me in his strong arms, positioning me right on top of his fully erect cock.

“Is this what you were looking at from the other side of the street, beautiful Sarah? Did you want me to put my cock inside your wet pussy?”

I devour his sexy lips, running my fingers through his thick dark mane.

“Shut up and fuck me, push this big young cock of yours inside me and don’t stop till I cum, I want you to make me scream in pleasure sexy boy, can you do that?”

A quick key turn throws us on top of each other, on the floor of my studio apartment.

He holds me down on the floor, spreading my legs wide and start licking my clit passionately, while shoving his fingers in my eager cunt.

“I love eating you baby, do you even realize how tasty you are?”

We turn into a single sexual entity panting and groaning, his head between my legs, my hands groping my breasts, squeezing my nipples, licking my lips in sheer desire.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, I want you to squirt all over my face Sarah, can we do that?”

I’m close to exploding in a very big Orgasm, he doesn’t need to do much to get me to the point of no return. A strong feeling of wet stream fills my pelvis, a rush of tingling sensation crawls down my belly and erupts in a warm, sweet flush, in my little lover boy’s face.

He licks me dry and cuddles me.

“Can I cum on your beautiful tits Sarah, will that be OK?”

I nod and kneel in front of his huge erection, I put it in my mouth, licking my juices off his manhood.

He pants, moans and shivers. I grab his balls in my hand and gently caress them between my fingers, cradle them in my hand, licking them passionately.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum” he spreads his legs wide, positions his shaft right in my face and cums in a jet of white indulgence on my lips and engorged ,eager breasts…

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