Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50 Shades of enticing female fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies of consenting patients, post exposure to the renowned novel “50 Shades of Grey”


I get my car serviced at this greasy shop downtown. Last time I visited a few months back to get an oil change, the main guy couldn’t stop staring at my ass, making different racy remarks about my body and offering me coffee and a cigarette.

I didn’t really think it over at the time, but right after the receptionist called me to set up my upcoming service ,I realized I was day dreaming about this guy, getting all wet and excited, thinking and rethinking what should I wear for my visit.

I show up 15 minutes early, he spots me from a far, tosses his cigarette and removes his jacket, as he walks towards me, flashing his large muscular arms.

“Why hello Ms. Green, what a pleasure to have you back for service. Will you take that coffee this time”?

I nod, fascinated by how I quiver by the mere sound of his voice.
“Strong and black, right”?
I’m bewildered, mumbling “what”?

“The coffee darling, the coffee” he smiles and notions me to follow him, without ever really touching me, much to my disappointment.

We get into the little kitchenette, he doesn’t remove his eyes from me, stripping me with his piercing gaze, killing me softly.

“So Ms. Green...”

“Rachel, please... “I murmur flirtatiously.

“Oh we have advanced to first names… that’s truly exciting….so what does a beautiful, sexy woman like Rachel entertains herself with, on these cold, lonely nights?”

Every remark is pushing me closer to the edge. I wish he would just make a move and stick his long tongue down my throat.

The coffee machine disturbs the insanely loud silence in the room, he grabs a cup and fills it, still looking straight at me, undressing me with his tormenting eyes. I never noticed how unbelievably sexy he is.

The door to the shop is open, I’m staring at it, trying to calculate my next move.

He notices and walks quickly to the entrance, shutting the door slightly…

“I personally enjoy the excitement of possibly being walked in on… “
He pushes me against the sink, lifting my skirt and literally tearing off my thong, sliding his fingers softly, subtly against my very wet pussy.

“I see that little Rachel is ready for me ha? That’s good baby”

I stand frozen, consumed by the exceptionally arousing sensation, running through my entire body.

He drops on his knees, spreads my lips apart and starts covering my pussy and ass hole with a cool, wet joyride that I have never experienced in my sexual life.

I’m aching in desire, passionate and eager to feel his cock splitting my pussy into million pieces...

“Ms. Green, are you enjoying this? Down here it seems like you truly are, you’re going to squirt right in my mouth today, are you ready?”

His words find the very soft spot of my sleepy G spot, I spread my legs further, and he starts pushing his fingers into my holes, opening me up like a well appreciated birthday gift.

“Oh God honey, I’m going to cum!!”

“Oh I know baby, just feel it, go with it, cover me up in your warm juices”

I’m gasping in desire, pinching my nipples through my blouse, aching as I feel the divine sensation of climax release.

“Oh beautiful…good girl… you know this is just the beginning, right?”

He drinks me clean, not a drop is left running down my thighs.

He twists me over, spreads my legs wide, as he forcefully pushes me on the counter. His trained, educated hands flap my blouse open, as he penetrates me.

I moan in awe and aching pleasure, his enormous cock pushes me further against the wall, my breasts find their way out of my blouse, bouncing rapidly, as if asking to be grabbed.

He doesn’t miss the mark, cuffs my breasts in his large hands and pinches my nipples.

“Tell me what you like Rachel, tell me how to fuck you better”

I can hardly breathe, let alone think. I indulge in the insatiably full feeling that his cock kindly provides me with, it’s so intense I feel a second orgasm crawling around the corner.

“Are you about to grant me with # 2? Oh yes baby, I like that... just take my cock, let your pussy swallow it fully, and plan to take it up your ass next!”

I can’t control myself any longer, I’m gasping and panting, welcoming my enchanting orgasm. As I cum, he kisses me passionately, and adds a wet caress on my clit, intensifying my climax.

“Where on earth did you learn these moves?” I compliment him in true admiration.

“It’s all you honey, I have been fantasizing about fucking you for 3 years now, every time you visit”...

I stare at his beautiful big eyes, as he slowly carries me off the counter, placing me on my knees.

“I have to see this gorgeous mouth closing around my big cock, I have to see you taste your luscious pussy, post my visit”.

I take his cock in, the sweet taste of my flavored lip gloss, that I “incidentally” rubbed my clit with prior to my arrival, is filling my mouth with a mix of tastes and flavors.

I’m looking up at him, trying my best to fit his large force of nature in my mouth.

“I love watching you suck my cock baby, your beautiful eyes are literally smiling while you’re stuffing yourself with it…”I realize he hasn’t cum even once, I’m challenged to have him blast in a powerful orgasm.

He moans and groans, caressing my hair, slightly pushing my head against his shaft.

“Oh god you’re good, I knew these lips were promossing! I’m not going to cum in your mouth though beautiful, I have to have you take me up your tight ass…are you almost ready?

I slowly release his cock from my mouth, obediently allowing him to place his hands on my bottom, slowly penetrating my ass with his insanely erect cock, while standing. I experience a straining sensation splitting me apart. I gasp and surrender to the feeling, caressing my clit slowly as he speeds his moves inside me.

At this point he’s ready to explode, I’m now completely comfortable on his cock, pushing my ass down more intensely on his erection and shoving my fingers in my pussy.

“Oh yes baby, finger fuck yourself some more, do your fingers feel my cock inside your ass?”

He pants and gasps, I feel my third, charmed orgasm taking over, we cum together in a pool of passionate wetness…



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