Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fifty Shades of enticing Female Fantasies- A Sex Counselor’s journal of real female fantasies

I have always had these intense fantasies about my OBGYN… he seemed strong, knowledgeable and very aware of every aspect of the female anatomy, which in itself intrigued and titillated me immensely.
Every time I would make an appointment, I would get a little wet and excited, knowing that this is going to take place soon...again.
I arrive at his clinic 15 minutes early, his kind assistant takes my insurance card and asks me to wait.
Anticipation can be a very strong aphrodisiac, and I immerse in it completely.
This time he came out, escorting his last patient. He shakes her hand firmly and while at it, glances at me, sitting all ready and flushed in his waiting room.
He comes towards me, and walks me over to the room, his hand resting on my back.
“How have you been Delilah? Great to see you, this is a routine checkup I’m guessing?”
I was so excited, it’s hard for me to speak, so I just nod for approval.
The thought of his firm, sensually invasive hands inside my wet hole, get me lightheaded and blurry eyed.
“I’ll leave you to get undressed and get Mary to join us, OK dear?”
Oh fuck, I didn’t count on Mary being here, but he never examines me or any other patient without her presence, so I guess I’ll deal with it.
Mary comes in the room first, opens the screen separating me from his sitting area and offers to help me with my robe.
“You look so pretty today De, did you change your hair or something?” Mary looked awfully cheerful and happy, I almost felt invaded by her.
“I got a new hair color and cut it a bit, glad you like it honey”.
“Now lie back beautiful, the Doc will be with you in a minute, OK? Try to relax!” She straightens my robe and slides her hand over my pussy, in a casual way…
“Oh god, could this be happening? Is she aware of my intense lust for the sexy Doctor and “wants in” on it?
I could feel myself getting wetter and more excited, when his voice stops my colorful imagination mid-way.
“Ready or not, here I come”...
He opens the screen and stands in front of me, carefully placing my legs in the chair, pulling my waist down further. “Are you comfortable dear? You need to be, I’m just here to make you feel better...”
He lifts my robe, my extremely open, throbbing wet hole, is exposed to him.
“Can I take a closer look, you seem to be a little inflamed there… Does that hurt?” he asks as he slowly closes his index finger and thumb on my clit.
I burst into million pieces “This is it, it’s really happening, I’m going to finally get to feel his most craved cock inside me”, I’m thinking, hoping my thoughts are not verbalized involuntarily...
I gasp and spread my legs even wider, inviting him in with a twist of a motion.
He lowers his chair in front of my open hole, pulls in, and buries his face in my wetness.
His luscious lips, his generous tongue, his long fingers, drive me insane, and I’m about to explode in agonizing pleasure.
Mary peeks in, I’m so hot and excited, I don’t even pay attention.
“Allow me to take over, would you Doctor?”
She rubs his shoulders and takes his place in front of me, licking my clit with an enthusiasm of a child in a candy store.
The Doctor moves over closer, kisses me passionately and opens his pants slowly, exposing a beautiful huge cock that looks enormous, from that specific angle.
“Suck it hard Delilah, I have been fantasizing about you and your sexy mouth, ever since you showed up here first”…

I’m opening my mouth wide, closing my hands on his shaft, sucking his pre ejaculatory juices and caressing his scrotum. He sighs and gasps with excitement, growing in my hands and mouth, shoving his head way back down my throat. My gag reflex kicks in, but I fight it and keep going, swallowing his huge cock, loving every minute of it.
He caresses my breasts and pushes Mary’s head down my pussy, rubbing my clit with his fingers and ordering Mary to attend my ass.
“Oh, what a pretty ass hole you have De, let me lick it ready for the Doctor, we want to get you all lubricated and ready for this enormous gift you’re about to take up your ass”…
I’m going into a pre orgasmic mode, almost cumming right there, as she pulls out of my pussy and clit and start penetrating my ass with her fingers. I’m heated and excited, but managing to curb my orgasm, as long as my clit is left unattended for the moment.
Her fingers open me up, so softly and carefully, I can tell I’m not the first “lucky winner” of this prize… who knows how many dedicated patients are they gang banging together…
The Doc pulls his firm erection, slowly out of my eager mouth. I stare at him, mesmerized and excited like never before.
“And now, get ready for the real show my darling De, I promise to be gentle…”
He pulls my ass further down the chair, so that I’m hanging in the air, with my legs still in the holders, spread wide open, to his comfort.
Mary moves over, kisses me lusciously and starts caressing my engorged nipples, my wet quivering hole and my swollen clit.
He slowly penetrates my tight asshole, I ache in pleasurable pain, releasing a soft moan that gets him even more excited.
“You like it sexy De? You like my huge cock in your petite ass hole? Oh god I know I do” …
He starts speeding his motion, pushing his erection deeper and deeper into up my ass.
Mary works intensely on my clit, pushing her fingers into my pussy to level the Doctor’s intense motion.
I’m gasping and panting, spreading my legs even further.  A strong sensation takes over me, I’m about to squirt intensely. “I’m cumming, oh god Doc, I’m cumming” I whisper.
“Yes De, cum for me darling, take me all in and cum, I’m just about to cum in your ass”!
I squirt a shower of warmth, wetting Mary’s hands and upper body.
“Oh you’re so good, you’re just as responsive as I imagined, beautiful” she murmurs.
The Doc releases a moan and a splash of cum goes through me like a jet.
He pulls out and rushes over to my mouth. I swallow his warm cock covered in my taste, as Mary licks my ass and pussy to finish…

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